Make a Memorable Proposal With Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings

Girls love two things most in this world–chocolate and diamonds, so there’s no better way to make the best proposal ever than with a chocolate diamond ring. If you love chocolate as much as we do here at San Antonio Wedding Planner Principles in Action, consider commemorating your love with one of these chocolate diamond engagement rings or eternity bands. Although clear or white diamonds remain a classic choice, diamonds naturally occur in a wide range of colors. Brown diamonds are the most common and cost the least but the earth tones of these warm-hued diamonds meet the demand for attractive colored gems. To us brown diamond aficionados, chocolate diamond jewelry looks as appealing as it sounds.
The term “chocolate diamond” has no official designation; people may refer to brown diamonds with a host of appetizing descriptions, including champagne and cognac. Chocolate diamonds, however, have the most robust brown hues. They give a new and fresh look to any diamond engagement ring and symbolize luxury and practical indulgence. Chocolate diamond rings also look elegant when set in gold, which makes it a good option for those who love gold rings.
The name, “chocolate diamonds” came from the brown color of the stone and was coined by gem trader Le Vian. Although the diamond sports a variety of shades, any of them can be set in the same way clear diamonds are set and placed in any type of ring without worrying if they will complement the color of metal (whether silver, gold, or platinum).
For a more luxurious look, one can opt to pair clear white diamonds with chocolate diamonds, which will cost less compared to rings made purely from clear stones, but still looks elegant and expensive. With the increasing popularity of the chocolate diamond ring, one has a less expensive option for a classy engagement ring. Unlike ordinary diamonds, the chocolate diamond is less common and each stone and cut are unique. Not only do the diamonds look lavish, they also offer a durability that lasts a lifetime!
Do you have a colored diamond ring? Share your stories with us below, we love hearing back from readers!

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