Wedding Woes Be Gone: Think Outside the (Gift)Box!

Brides and grooms often have a picture-perfect idea of what their wedding will be. While each couple’s vision is unique, they all share the same burden–the ever-rising cost of weddings. Thankfully, here at Principles in Action, we’re helping couples in San Antonio and all over to take creative steps to ensure they can still have the wedding and honeymoon of their dreams without breaking the bank to do so.

Unlike couples of yesteryear, today’s couples often live together before walking down the aisle. This has made traditional wedding registries somewhat obsolete, as couples often already have everything they need–from kitchen gadgets and towels to bedsheets.

If gravy boats and candlesticks aren’t your thing (or you already have them!), visit sites like and, where you can register for everything from croquet sets to BMW roadsters. Outfit the kitchen of your dreams or express your personal style with swanky sites like Newly Wish, a collection of wonderful shops with the finest brands for your registry, wedding party gifts, favors, and more. Another increasingly popular choice is to register for art–something the couple will likely have forever. Most galleries are happy to take contributions toward large pieces for families who all want to chip in and get the couple a meaningful piece that will remind them of family.

Couples can get some relief by directing family and friends to gift registries like HatchMyHouse or, where guests can contribute to a down payment for the couple’s first home, pay for parts of the couple’s honeymoon, or contribute to a general savings fund that can be used for home renovations, furnishings, or anything the couple needs. Guests often love knowing how their financial contribution is being spent, be it for a home down payment, home improvement projects, or other savings.

Wedding gift givers flock to cash registries because they are hassle-free and provide an opportunity to give something truly unique. How many times have you gone to a couple’s registry online and realized the only thing left to buy them are corn on the cob holders and mismatched tea towels? Not exactly personal to the couple, whereas a honeymoon experience or contribution toward the couple’s home, however, are memories that can last a lifetime.

If a couple has lived together before or simply has all of the belongings they feel they need, they could consider registering for gifts to their favorite charity. The I Do Foundation allows couples to set up an online registry with no fee, and then check on who has donated for thank-you notes. Making charity a part of your big day has never been easier!

Building your registry is more about scanning gifts at department stores, it’s about what you really want and need as a couple. Whether you want to opt for alternative online registries, give the gift of generosity or put savings toward a down payment on a new home together, consider these etiquette-friendly options for your wedding registry.

Are you creating an alternative registry? What are you including on it?

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