How Sweet It Is: Build The Candy Buffet Of Your Dreams

If you’re anything like our San Antonio Wedding Planner Principles in Action, you’ve caught the candy buffet bug. More and more, brides want to see a tower of sweets at their reception (and we can’t begin to tell you how excited guests get over them!). Some like how buffets allow guests to select goodies according to their personal sweet tooth. Others like the fairytale flavor–Candyland, Willy Wonka–some of our earliest fantasies involve forests where gumdrops hang from trees, chocolate runs in rivers and pillars are peppermint sticks. Make your fantasy a reality by creating a custom candy buffet of your dreams.

Just as with Hansel and Gretel, there’s a catch to the candy buffet. Pulling off a successful one involves a touch of magic (which we are here to help with, because who doesn’t love helping when it comes to candy!). Like any other “wow” aspect of a wedding, it’s part of your overall investment. While the waitstaff may pass out the hors d’oeuvres and the venue might lay out the linens, you could be on your own when it’s time to design a candy buffet.

Not to worry, here are some tips from our pros, who are always happy to help with custom touches like these! We’ll assist in translating that bountiful delight in your head into a mouth-watering reality at your wedding.

The secret to sweetness? Scan all those photos of candy buffets throughout the web and you’ll quickly spot a few things. One, buffets are incredibly popular. And two, some are a feast for the eyes, while others fall short of the heights they must have hoped for. What’s the secret? Buy enough candy. It may sound simple, but having more than enough candy is key (and no one will complain if there happen to be leftovers).

Candy buffets work best when you plan by the eye, not the numbers. To make it look gorgeous, start with the table, not the guest count. Take five to ten types of candy and buy 15 to 20 pounds each, whether you need that much or not. When it comes to candy, the more the merrier. If you have a large table overflowing with sweets, you have presence. The biggest disappointment we’ve come across is that the candy buffet didn’t look substantial.

Worried you’ll be like a kid in a candy store and buy too much of everything? Between heaping bins at upscale food markets and the galaxies of candy choices online, narrowing down temptations can be a bit overwhelming. Never to fear, try to think of the season’s colors or personal themes that are driving your choices when selecting candy. Having an all-white affair? Set up 20 to 30 pounds of white candies in unwrapped varieties in jars, martini glasses and other interesting containers, with custom-wrapped mint rolls in front. Cool containers can make all the difference, so don’t be afraid to browse flea markets and thrift stores for gorgeous display ideas.

Want a more colorful theme? Order candy in a stylish palette of browns, pinks and greens–it’s the themes that shape candy buffets, so don’t give up when looking for the perfect personalized touches. Like everything else in weddings, candy buffets are getting more and more personalized, with more and more variations. Having a retro wedding? Everything old is new again, so consider candy bracelets on elastic cords or little waxed bottles filled with sugar. Throwing a beach wedding? There are endless choices, from saltwater taffy, caramel apples and fudge to peanut brittle.

At the end of the day, you want your candy buffet to have presence, so be sure to follow along with our tips to have a feast for the eye! Have you ever been to a wedding with a candy buffet? What are some of your favorite sweet treats?

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