{Bollywood Inspired Weddings} Add Flair, Color and DRAMA!

Here at Principles in Action, a San Antonio Wedding Planner we’ve noticed a hot theme trend as of late–Bollywood weddings. Why the fixation on Bollywood-style, exotic weddings? We think it’s the opportunity to do something daring and different. Between the rituals, Indian music, vibrant shades of orange and red and the beautiful saris and tradition of henna-painted hands, these elements add spice to a well-worn formula. San Antonio has always been ahead of the times when it comes to throwing amazing celebrations, so we look forward to incorporating Indian and Pakistani influences in future weddings.

Curious about how to add some Bollywood moments? Pick a colorful sari in a warm color palette to wear for your reception…or simply add ruffles and flowers on your traditional wedding dress to add an exciting element to your event. It’s not just the clothes and accessories, but hairstyles and make-up that get that Bollywood look. The magic of the movies is so strong that even the retro styles are back in vogue today.

Specially designed Moroccan tents and interiors are available at rental companies to suit your venue and tastes, using quality fabrics, furniture and accessories to help create a luxurious Arabian tent atmosphere for themed weddings.

Snake jewelry is not only a must-have fashion trend, but also worn for good luck and good health, so choose from dozens of colors and metals when selecting bracelets.

Another way to add a touch of Bollywood is through the table settings and menu…so consider adding some fresh, delicious traditional food to open your guests up to new cultural experiences.

Want to include some traditional Bollywood surprises? Consider belly dancing, a drum circle or a henna body painting station to entertain your guests!

Bollywood inspired weddings have enormous crossover appeal in our Western society and it’s easy to add an element of rich culture to your wedding day! The most important thing to remember is that a Bollywood theme has one objective, and that is to celebrate! Find some great entertainment and go out there and have fun with culturally-infused ideas!

What do you think about Bollywood-theme weddings? Are you a Bollywood bride?

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