Decor That Will Make Your Guests Say "WOW!"

Whether you’re celebrating your wedding with a Caribbean vibe or filling the room with modern romance, one of the most important elements to set the tone of any affair is the decor. Here at Principles in Action, a San Antonio Wedding Planner we want to help make your wedding reception fabulous with party rentals and decor that define your look. Being vintage lovers, we couldn’t be more excited that vintage inspirations in weddings and event design seem to be here to stay. While some people may be collectors or have pieces that they can borrow, others may see a dessert buffet or table perfect for their pictures, but don’t know how to go about finding these key pieces. Thanks to this trend, rental companies are starting to pop up to meet the demands of brides wanting everything from one-of-a-kind pieces and props to glamorous chandeliers and sofas.

Decor and furniture rental companies offer options that can’t be found at regular event rental companies. Whether it’s that perfect velvet couch for photo ops before the wedding, or a sophisticated lounge area for guests, furniture and decor can really help to showcase a couple’s style.

Simply having the option of using glamorous tables rather than the fold-up tables you would normally rent, offers much more of a natural and intimate feel. The best part of it all is you don’t have to invest in scouting out and purchasing statement pieces, you can just rent them for the day!

One of our favorite sources, with an unrivaled collection to furnish any occasion, is Luxe Event Rentals. You can even visit one of their showrooms in Dallas, which is great news for San Antonio-based brides! They have a variety of contemporary, glamorous and unique items that can really help you create the right look and mood for your event. Why stress over finding just the right white leather sofa when companies like Luxe can find it for you.

If you want your guests to remember your wedding as being truly unique, use your favorite colors and create a memorable design, as Preston Bailey says, “It’s all about design!” When trying to think of decor to make your reception pop, remember that gone are the days where all of the centerpieces have to be the same. Now, the tablescapes can vary and it is okay to have several different arrangements in the same room, as long as they complement each other. Choosing the right linens and up-lighting will make your reception pop; and use of different textures in flowers or fabrics will add depth to the arrangements.

What are some of your favorite, memorable decor pieces that you have seen at weddings?

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