Experience Excitement: Unexpected Wedding Surprises!

A few weeks ago, a San Antonio Wedding Planner Principles in Action Owner and Creative Director Ansonya Burke had the opportunity to be an assistant with one of her wedding consultants who is also a member of the professional organization, the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants. “There were so many surprises at the wedding that it was a non-stop experiences,” said Ansonya. “It was so awesome and exciting because you didn’t know what was coming next!”

Here are some of the surprises that took place according to Ansonya!

  • There were poets that came to life right in the middle of the cocktail hour. We found their poetry incredibly inspirational and think best men could learn a thing or two about entertaining guests from such amazing talent!
  • There were singers that come out of the audience and sang during the cocktail hour. Consider gifting your partner with a surprise performance by one of their favorite singers or musicians during the cocktail hour or reception! It’s sure to bring some tears to their eyes!
  • During the reception there was a dance battle between the bride and the groom, each one of them had a group of dancers to battle against the bride and the groom and the guests had signs that had bride on one side and groom on the other and were able to vote during the contest of who one that battle. Of course the bride and groom had to battle against each other. What a great night of surprises!
  • They had a cardboard boom box someone had created as a sign-in table and for favors they had a CD full of their wedding songs.

We wanted to share some cool ideas with you to inspire wow moments for your wedding guests, so here are some unique ideas that you can incorporate for your wedding.

Late-night snacks are an amazing idea for guests, so consider the following treats for your wedding:

  • Small hamburgers and french-fries from your favorite burger joints, like In-N-Out or White Castle!
  • Chocolate mousse shots
  • Chocolate milkshakes or milk with cookies (or donuts!)
  • Tomato soup with macaroni and cheese
  • Sweet treats like popcorn or a candy station buffet
  • Funnel cake!
These are just a few tasty ideas to incorporate some unexpected fun into your wedding reception, inspired by a recent San Antonio area wedding!

What would be your first choice for a favorite snack?

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