Drafting Your Team: Selecting Your Best Man and Groomsmen

There are a few things a groom-to-be should be able to count on when he gets geared up to marry the woman he loves; the rings being where they’re supposed to be, a nice glass of beer in his room and his best buddies there to toast him and calm his nerves. But, what if you’re close to all of your friends and you know more than one man is worthy of being called the “best.” Look no further, our San Antonio wedding planning team at Principles in Action, is here to help pick your groomsmen and best man.

Though you can select as many groomsmen as you see fit, the truth is that you don’t want your entire guest list standing up at the alter with you. If you’re having trouble narrowing down the list, put the men into two categories–situation and obligation. Are you asking an acquaintance to be a groomsmen simply because he asked you several years ago? If so, don’t. Your groomsmen should be your friends and family members who know, love and support you and your other half. That said, if your bride-to-be has a brother she’d love to stand up there with you, it makes sense to add him to the list.

While they might be too shy to admit it, a lot of men are secretly hoping their buddies will ask them to be their best man. Unfortunately, there can only be one and a lot of the times it comes down to more than who you have known since grade school. The best man has all of the responsibilities without a heavy spotlight. You may love your brother, but if he is irresponsible and loses his phone every other day, then consider utilizing him as an usher and toast-maker. You want your best man to be mature, organized and they should be loyal to your likes and dislikes (if you want a more mild bachelor party, you know there won’t be any surprises up his sleeve).

Since groomsmen are often chosen as ushers and greeters, you want to choose groomsmen who will handle themselves well with everyone from the bridesmaids to your great aunt. Your groomsmen should help bring lightheartedness to your big day, but they also need to be reliable so you know you won’t be tapping your foot and waiting around on them to arrive to fittings and rehearsals.

Try and choose men who know your fiance and get along well with you both, because she will have to be surrounded by them as well and there’s nothing worse than a bride and groomsmen battling it out during photos! You also don’t want your best man saying something embarrassing about your bride during his speech, so make sure he is on your side and excited for your future as a husband. Whoever you choose, don’t feel like you have to select an equal number of men and women.

Your groomsmen and best man have so many responsibilities and obligations, you should thank them for all they did. Giving presents to the guys is a tradition that signifies how thankful you are for their help, and they will certainly appreciate the recognition. We’ll be sure to highlight great groomsmen gift ideas in an upcoming post, but until then, consider the best men for the job and comment with any questions you might have!

How did you ask your best man to be in your wedding? Share your stories below!


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