Six Ways to Surprise Your Bride on Your Big Day!

Here at Principles in Action, San Antonio Wedding Planner, we’re here to help San Antonio area couples leading up to their big day, when there’s bound to be a mix of giddiness, excitement and nerves. To help put your bride-to-be’s mind to rest and make her smile, think about how you can surprise her on your wedding day.

Even if you’ve used it before, pull out the old romantic favorite of breakfast in bed. Attach a handwritten note that says something sweet and personal. If you and your future bride don’t plan on seeing each other on the eve of your wedding, you could arrange to have your breakfast in bed delivered with a handwritten note.

Your bride will be inundated with flowers on the morning of your wedding–her bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, boutonnieres, however a single rose or a small bunch of her favorite flowers will not only let her know you’re thinking of her, but it’s bound to make her smile.

Chocolates aren’t an exclusive Valentine’s Day treat, so think about using delicious sweets to rejuvenate that wedding day sparkle, any time after you’ve been married. Present your bride with a gift of gourmet chocolate, the more the merrier! Trust us, it’s a no-brainer.

Another excellent, well-timed surprise is a massage. The hours leading up to the wedding ceremony are commonly very stressful and chaotic. If you’re doing a “First Look” and seeing each other before the ceremony, consider giving your bride a foot massage for a few moments, to take her mind off of having to wear heels all evening!

If you’re not seeing your bride-to-be during the morning of the wedding, a sweet gesture would be to call her and remind her that you love her. If she happens to be caught up in the middle of a busy moment with family and friends, it will be even better (and is sure to be photo-worthy!). Coax your future bride to leave her present company and let her know how excited you are to be married soon.

Consider presenting your bride with a gift on your wedding night that resembles growth and love (a good example of this is a charm bracelet). For every anniversary, you can continue to buy her a different charm for different occasions in your life. A sentimental gift with a lot of heart is sure to keep her smiling for years to come.

Surprising your bride is a heartwarming thought and should be maintained throughout your marriage. Touching surprises are the secret spice of many a successful union! Be sure to reach out to us to help create those little special memories that will make your wedding day that much more special.

What are some of your favorite ways to surprise your bride?


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