A Guide to Being a Best Woman or Groomslady!

{Photo courtesy of Project Wedding}

an Antonio Wedding Planner Ansonya Burke at Principles in Action has been noticing a trend lately, with having members of the opposite sex on the groom’s side of the wedding. In today’s society, if your fiance’s best friend is a woman, he can ask her to be a groomslady or best woman. To clear up confusion, a female groomslady wears an outfit similar or the same to that of the bridesmaids. To distinguish her from the bridesmaids, she can add an accessory that matches something the other groomsmen are wearing. Or perhaps a colored sash that matches the bridesmaids’ color palette. While a female groomsman should not walk guests down the aisle, she can hand out programs or help friends move into the receiving line.

{Photo courtesy of Project Wedding}

A best woman should wear a dress of her choosing, making sure it doesn’t clash with the maid of honor’s outfit. She can either join the groom at the altar or walk down with the rest of the wedding party. Both the best woman or groomslady are invited to all parties, and can host the bachelor party or any other wedding-related bash.

{Photo courtesy of Project Wedding}

As for duties, nothing changes. The groomslady will have to be fitted for her outfit at the same time as the bridesmaids, and the best woman usually takes care of picking up tuxes and making a toast at the reception.

{Photo courtesy of Project Wedding}
{Photo courtesy of Project Wedding}

What are some of your favorite, alternative wedding trends?

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