In Love & Honor: Military Wedding Themes

San Antonio Wedding planner Ansonya Burke, along with our talented team at Principles In Action, offers destination weddings to military brides and grooms and others alike. Owner Ansonya Burke spent 20 plus years as a military spouse and is very familiar with the military customs and traditions, so you’ll be in good hands.

{Photo courtesy of Damion Hamilton}
We have an abundance of ideas for décor and details for military weddings, from sweet red, white and blue elements to subtle sprinklings of stars and stripes. Whether you pass under an arch of sabres, rifles or swords, Principles in Action will make sure your passage into this new life together is sure to be a wonderful and memorable event.

{Photo courtesy of Magnet Street}
We love the idea of having sweet, Americana undertones woven throughout the entire day, honoring the groom and bride beautifully.

{Photo courtesy of Magnet Street}
If you book a full-service wedding package with Principles In Action, we will offer a 15% discount to all service members (brides and grooms) who book us for their wedding. We would love to work with you while you are deployed or living in another state and coming to San Antonio, or just want the luxury of having your wedding here in this rustic state. We wish you the best in planning your special day and hope you’ll be in touch!

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