Things We Love: Rustic Lighting

We are suckers for rustic weddings here at Principles in Action, a San Antonio Wedding Planner.  It’s a pleasure for us to feature some wonderful lighting ideas for rustic Texas weddings.

We love the idea of hanging these in trees or lighting the aisle of the ceremony. It looks like there are fireflies inside, which is an especially lovely detail.

Chandeliers and candelabras are a fantastic way to dress up a space and create a vintage feel. This setting is especially gorgeous when the venue is quaint and cozy.

String lights and rustic balls of light are the perfect combination for making a farm-inspired wedding modern and fresh.
Some of the most beautiful rustic weddings embrace the rustic appeal of the environment in a charming way. A soft glow gives the entire celebration a subtle, golden look. From cobblestones to earthy moss and bare branches, everything about a rustic wedding can invigorate the senses and make your guests feel like they’re on a romantic weekend getaway, even if they’re only a few miles from home.
Stacked oak barrels with tea lights are also an amazing natural choice for brightening up a space and taking advantage of the venue’s unique charm. Artfully arranging hundreds of tea lights or hanging them from mason jars in trees can make your guests feel like they are in an enchanted space.
Whether your wedding is outside, inside or in a party tent, these lighting tips are sure to make your big day amazing.
Happy weekend everyone!

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