Groom Basics: The Secret to Being a Bride’s Best Friend

Planning a wedding isn’t something everyone was born to do, which sometimes includes grooms. Here at Principles in Action a San Antonio Wedding Planner, we’re familiar with bringing ease to the wedding planning process, but sometimes stress still happens. Despite having the best planners and wedding professionals surrounding you and your bride-to-be, stress happens. All of the financing, the engagement party, to-do lists, family and other events pertaining to the wedding can cause a bit of tension.

Let’s face it, sometimes guys would rather make their first pick in fantasy football than mull over stemware. However, a little distraction, relaxation and FUN can help breathe some life and excitement back into your bride. For those grooms-to-be out there, we suggest coming up with date nights right here in the San Antonio area to help bring the stress level down for your fiancé.

Here are a few tips to get you started….

  • Help your bride out by assisting with time-consuming tasks such as stuffing envelopes–you’ll be surprised by how much it will be appreciated!
  • Let your bride relinquish complete control of the rehearsal dinner–plan a wonderful evening with family and friends that will make her fall in love with you all over again.
  • Plan a surprise serenade at the reception and perform for your wife before your first dance. Don’t be surprised if the bride and guests are in tears after a few strokes of the acoustic guitar!
  • When push comes to shove, let her know that you support all of her ideas and encourage her to involve you in the process.
  • Involve each other’s families in the wedding preparation by asking their opinions and seeing if there is anything they would like to assist with–having a helping hand goes a long way.
  • Always listen to your bride and validate her feelings. It will mean a lot and she will appreciate it at the end of the day when she’s feeling overwhelmed.
  • One of the easiest ways to keep her happy is to take care of cooking, keeping the house abnormally clean and taking her out as often as you can to decompress over a few beverages and great food!
  • Be patient and focus on the positive. Remember, this is your bride-to-be! If you can maintain a calm demeanor, you will only add to the beauty and simplicity of the day.

Have fun! This is your wedding, after all! We’re always here at Principles in Action if you need a hand!


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