Popping the Question in Style: Tips on Proposing!

It is likely the biggest question of a man’s life–“Will you marry me?” But how, where and when it is done can leave a lasting impression on the bride-to-be as well as her friends and family. Popping the question in a unique way can make her soon or bring tears to her eyes, but more and more, grooms are mixing up how they go about getting down on one knee. There are hundreds of ways to almost guarantee a resounding, “I do,” but making the moment magical requires creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Here at Principles in Action a San Antonio wedding planner, we take pleasure in assisting grooms with planning romantic marriage proposal ideas. We like to incorporate favorite hobbies or creative ideas, such as having a scavenger hunt.

For true romantics, what better way to demonstrate love than by taking the bride-to-be back to each memorable location visited from the very first date? A jaunt back to a college campus or first meeting place, followed by dinner at a nostalgic restaurant can be incredibly thoughtful.
As soon as it is unveiled, the engagement ring will become the center of attention, so a more exotic ring may help make the proposal more creative. Even a traditional ring can be made more exciting by presenting it in a unique way–hidden in a flower, or outside of the commonplace of the ring box.
Whatever way a groom-to-be chooses to ask one of the most important questions any woman would love to hear, be sure to make the moment personal, unforgettable and unique. Having a planner help arrange for a photographer to be present (from afar!) is one of the best things you can do to capture the unforgettable moments. Remember that you are showing her that you want to remember the look on her face when you asked her to marry you! Having the photo to show afterwards earns grooms major brownie points!

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