To First Look or Not to First Look

Here’s one of my recent brides, Vanessa, waiting to catch a first glance of her almost-husband, Brian!

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Most brides either love or hate the idea of doing a first look. The decision to do “look or not to look” is a very personal one, but we thought we would shed some light on the subject. The first look is when the bride and groom see one another before the wedding ceremony. Usually the photographer selects a picture-perfect spot for it to “go down” and captures the joy the couple experiences in the first moments. The first look can be beneficial to the bride and groom and the photographer, not to mention the overall flow of the day.
Your wedding day will be a whirlwind, which is why it’s wonderful to orchestrate an intimate time for the couple to admire one another. You get to do things you wouldn’t get to do when you just walk down the aisle, like talking and hugging and being giddy together. The emotion of first look photos is incredibly raw and real, they tend to be the most romantic shots of the day.
Putting emotions aside, the couple will be the most photo-ready if they do photos together beforehand. Once you have your hair and makeup done with your lipgloss fresh, there’s no better way to celebrate your confidence than by posing with your soon-to-be-hubs!
If a first look isn’t your cup of tea, the choice is yours! If you’re open to it or have been considering it, we say go for it!

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